my husband = handsome and other 1st post ramblings.

Yep, it’s true.  Terry is quite handsome.  Okay, maybe his current shaggy long-haired look isn’t the BEST, but really, when I find the clippers and make his hair sit flat again, you will be WOWED.   And true, he really needs to shave (it’s only been 3 days!), under that manly stubble, he has a sweet face!

I’m not really talking him up very well, am I?

Maybe I should stick to saying that Terry is really handsome.  Ooh, a picture of him!  Good idea.  Here he is at Christmas… hair is a little shorter than now.

Moving on!

Ariana is sitting between us on the couch, eating her afternoon snack, which is an apple aka her favorite food.  The girl walks out of the bedroom (which is off the kitchen), looks up at the hanging basket that holds the single food that is always sure to please (even after mean mommy trims her bangs or after nasty daddy *gasp* clips her nail) and proclaims “apple!”  It doesn’t matter if she has just eaten all the tofu scramble I made for breakfast (ha, as if she would actually do that!), or if she has conquered 4 adult-servings of macaroni and cheese, she will eat as many apples as she can get her hands on!

But I digress.

All that paragraph was supposed to talk about was how silly we look- Terry and I are sitting on the couch, both on our laptops, and Ariana is between us, snacking on an apple and watching Battlestar Gallactica, which Terry put on for himself.  Harper is supposed to be napping in the bedroom, but I can hear her talking to her stuffed animals and occasionally whining.

It’s hard to figure out what to say in the first post of a new blog.  Should I talk about myself?  My family?  My political views (or lack thereof because I am ignorant)?  Should I tell you about my favorite colors?  Shows?  About how much I am loving that my normally independent toddler is snuggling me shoulder and saying “love you, mommy!  I sit down?” and pointing out things on my laptop with sticky apple-hands?  Or I could tell you about how my husband’s habit of shaking his leg drives me up the wall and I have asked him 17 (oops, now it’s 18) times since I began typing this blog to please STOP SHAKING THE ENTIRE COUCH!

For the record, I love pale pink and brown together and I do have a birthday coming up!  (hint hint)  *smile*

Well, I think I’ve babbled enough for one post.  Until the next post!


2 thoughts on “my husband = handsome and other 1st post ramblings.

  1. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. I thought I’d check you out here and have to say “amen” when it comes to the husbands shaking their leg and it shakes the couch/table/chair, etc. DRIVES ME NUTSO! Nice to read you and thanks again for the comment! :)


  2. personally the leg shaking doesn;t bug me (i do it 2…) but BSG! i love that show! i haven’t benn a ble to watch it though… :( sadness! good choice though! anyway! i think your blogs pretty cool. kinda random like mine! hehehe!


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