5 days, 5 days la la la la la laaaaa!

In 5 days, my baby will be two years old. It’s hard to believe that 730 days ago, I was on bedrest, sitting in bed in our apartment in Ohio, watching Giada on Food Network, dreaming about whatever Italian dish she was making that I couldn’t eat thanks to the wonders of pre-eclampsia.

For the diva’s birthday, we are going to travel to Ohio to spend a day with my mom, dad and sister… my mom is making Ri a cake and she is planning on buying Ri a toddler bed! Finally, we might not have to go through a ridiculous song-and-dance to get her into bed- this prospect is really thrilling… no more “please lay down”, “please stop screaming”, “stop biting mommy/daddy”, etc.

I never thought I’d be so excited about something as basic as a bed. You should see me when Ariana uses the potty! I have pom-poms and everything.

(just kidding)


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