“how did you get HER socks on YOUR hands?!” and other such fluff

Ahh, finally, a few minutes to sit and actually relax! Today is the last day of the three-day detox diet and I could not be happier. I didn’t know that cheese had such an amazing smell. I wasn’t aware that normally unappealing foods (like mushrooms, blechhhhh) could look so mouth-watering. Mmmmmmmm. Tomorrow, my in-laws are treating us to Arby’s breakfast sandwiches and Ter and I are going to make the most amazing foods ever for lunch and dinner (not sure what they are yet, but as long as they aren’t toast, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli or tuna– all diet foods– they will be amazing).

Ter and I took the girls out on errands today. We drooled over the veggies and fruits at Kroger and picked up an oversized cupcake for Ariana to eat tomorrow when we have a small birthday celebration of some sort for her. We regretted it very quickly when we realized said cupcake needed to be removed from it’s plastic home and held (for fear that the frosting would all rub off onto the case)… did you know that chocolate cupcakes with pink and white flowery icing is the best. smell. ever? I did not, until the 20 minute car ride turned into the slowest drive home ever- I swear, it took us 10.3 hours and the amazing cupcake smell only seemed to penetrate the car more. Sigh.

After we got home, Ariana and Harper wrestled in their play yard for a bit and then moved on to actually playing with toys, so I decided to start going through some recipes on my computer. When I glanced up, Ariana had Harper’s socks on her hands and was rubbing the wall like she was cleaning it. I asked her, “how did you get Harper’s socks on your hands?”, to which she replied, “Harper sock off. I put on!” and she looked so proud of herself that I couldn’t even think of saying anything negative about the fact that she had just stolen her little sister’s socks and now said-little sister probably had cold feet. No, I wouldn’t mention anything like that.

After dinner (aka veggie-palooza), I put my laundry in the dryer and remembered that I had forgotten to tell Terry a story from last week.

I explained to him how, when his sister did four loads of laundry here last week, she must have forgotten to clean the lint filter. “Seriously,” I said, “it’s like she was drying a sheep.” Well he thought this was the joke-of-the-year, apparently, because he laughed for a good 5 minutes afterwards! I’m just glad that I can at least make him smile. I like when he smiles. He’s handsome and I’m pretty fond of him. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep him around.


4 thoughts on ““how did you get HER socks on YOUR hands?!” and other such fluff

  1. Ouch your stories take me back 20 odd years when my two were littleuns – hope I don’t have nightmares tonight. ..did hear today that my grandson went to brush his teeth on finishing that he told his mum he didn’t like the new toothpaste in thegreen and white tube. Mum checked it out as she didn’t remember the toothpaste being green and white – it wasn’t but hubby who is a paraphlegic had left his anal lubrication in the bathroom…God I love my grandkids …who needs standup comics when you have them. Have a smiley day.


  2. My sense of humour is the cross my grandchildren have to bear – their favourite is “Aw Bon what did we do to deserve you as a Grandmother:”…but theydo love me…glad you liked my blog…cause I sure liked your work…love the way you put it all together.


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