did you know arby’s serves breakfast?!

We made it through the 3-day diet (which seemed like the 3 year diet) I had an 8-pound loss to show for it! I’m proud of myself. My mom-in-law treated us to breakfast at Arby’s this morning- until yesterday, I had no idea that Arby’s has a breakfast menu! Ariana had french toast sticks (huge hit!) and Harper ended up eating about half of my sandwich biscuit because after 3 days of less than 1000 calories each, the sandwich was not as appealing as I thought it might be. The vanilla cappuchino was divine though!

Ariana has discovered that Harper’s walker moves. And by ‘she discovered’, I mean that as soon as she bumped it and saw it roll, she started pushing the walker (with Harper in it) around the living room. I’ve never seen a child cry so hard when she was pulled away to sit down and be fed yummy lunch. You’d think we were ripping her hair out, not setting her gently in a booster seat and offering her goldfish, but apparently the love of a pink and purple walker outweighs the love of salty snacks.

Sometime this afternoon, Terry and I are going to have a wrestling match, aka make seafood stew and baked apples for dinner/dessert.

Hang on, I hear sudden loud wailing in the other room.

*drags body off couch, grumbling something about this being the only 10 minutes I get to sit and relax in the middle of the day*

Ahh, just Ariana eating lunch. Yes, we are cruel, cruel parents. We often do the meanest things to our children, like feed them, clean their faces and bundle them in warm clothing.

Let me tell you, these girls have it rough. They get up around 7:30 in the morning and play together in Ariana’s pack-n-play while Terry and I pretend that we aren’t almost comatose until 8am. We dress them for the day and I feed them cheerios while I get their breakfasts ready (bananas, apples and graham crackers usually). Then we force them to play with us and their toys for a couple hours until Harper naps and then we strap them into their chairs and insist that they eat AGAIN. I mean, c’mon, twice in one day?! Ridiculous.

Ariana naps, Harper plays, then they play together and have an afternoon snack of cookies or an apple (aww man, food AGAIN?! This is the worst place ever!), Harper naps, Mommy and Daddy wish they were napping, we all eat dinner (ok, this food stuff HAS to stop), they girls play and go to bed screaming.

Yep, just slap the ‘worst parents of the millenium’ award on us! *eyeroll*

I hear a small child grunting, so I guess that’s my cue to go in there………………….. and tell Terry to take care of whatever surprise she has in store hehe 8)


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