maybe the stinky cheese wasn’t the best breakfast choice…

The girls slept well last night, if you define “slept well” as taking turns being up for an hour at a time and then trading with your sister so she can help in the effort to keep mommy and daddy up from 2am until 8am. Surprisingly, both girls are fairly happy, considering they both only slept about 5-6 hours.

(Side note: as I was typing this, Ariana put her ball popper into the stroller she has for her baby doll and is pushing it around the living room saying, “Hi! See car? Push push!”)

At breakfast, Harper spent probably about 3/4 of her time in the high chair trying to escape… maybe the stinky cheese was a poor choice of foods to offer? Just kidding. She was eating Cheerios and a banana when she suddenly twisted around and grabbed the top of the high chair and tried to get out. She spent another 20 minutes in there, happily trying to stand up and get out.

Half of the mothers who are reading this are saying, “OHMIGOSH why didn’t you try to stop her?!” The other half are saying, “where are the pictures?” Never fear, smart second half of mothers. I, being the responsible and extremely attentive mother that I am, left the room to dig around and find my cell phone to snap pictures.

(Another side note: Harper is sitting on the floor, bashing herself in the face with a soft jingle rattle that is from her car seat. She is laughing like a mad-woman and Ariana is egging her on, while also trying to put the lid from her toy-sorter box on Harper’s head.)

I did manage to get a few cute pictures, but I don’t have time to find my cell phone card adapter, so they’ll have to wait. I know, I know, I’m a disappointment. How will you survive when I don’t blog tomorrow?! It will be difficult for you, I’m sure, but I promise to make up for it as soon as I get back from Ohio on Sunday. Unless I’m too tired, then I’ll be a two-timing disappointment.

Our Folgers coffee container came with a sample of Vanilla Biscotti coffee on top, so this morning, we finally opened it and drank it. Now, I am not a coffee-expert by any means, but I am a coffee-addict, which I believe makes me qualified to review this sample. If you don’t think I’m qualified, then go read a coffee-expert blog about coffee beans and grounds and the history of where every bean they’ve ever ground to drink is from. If you don’t care, then here is my Vanilla Biscotti review:

The coffee did not taste like Vanilla Biscotti. It tasted like Folgers mixed with vanilla extract. It certainly smelled like vanilla. It was certainly delicious, but not biscotti-ish. Maybe I need to get a vanilla biscotti and smell it and that will give me a better idea of if what I’m drinking is actually Vanilla Biscotti-y or not. But then I’d have to taste the biscotti too and because it’s biscotti, it has to be dipped in plain coffee and then, well, you can’t just eat one bite… so I’d force myself to eat the entire biscotti, then realize that the rest of the biscotti in the bag look sad, so I’d eat THEM and, well, that would ruin my diet.

So my review: The coffee didn’t taste like vanilla biscotti, but if you want to buy me a container of it, I’ll drink it. And if you want to buy me a bag of biscotti, you are cruel and just want my diet to fail.

But I still love you, because you are still here reading my blog, and for that I’m grateful!


3 thoughts on “maybe the stinky cheese wasn’t the best breakfast choice…

  1. Hi, Pinky! Your writing here reminds me of my early childhood when I used to do the same things. In fact, if you go back early enough…I actually fell OUT of my highchair. ALL the way out! Oooooh, the floor was so hard, LOL. Nowadays I smell the candles in any store that I happen to be in.

    In my baby days my taste buds were late developing – so I’m told…- and I was always hungry enough to swallow bananas with a dose of codliver oil or any liquid described as God-knows-what. It’s a wonder that I survived!

    Great writing, keep it going. Cheers from Ralph, and thanks for including Dean Martin in your blogroll. Pinkknotes will be in mine tonight!


  2. Icould never becruel to a fellow blogger so how about Ibuy the biscuits and eat them while Iam reading your bloggs – better still what say I buy two and I’llshare them with Josey the goat – she always gets half anyway. Once again liked your blog – think I canfeel a nanny headache coming on from the noise the younguns are making though – cheers enjoyyour chilldren – tomorrow they will be young adults.


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