after the long short weekend, I return!

How did you live without me while I was gone for all of that time?! I know, it must have been extremely difficult… in fact, I can see several of you with your noses attached pressed to your computer monitors saying “Please, Caroline, just come back! I beg you, write more nonsense for me that I am strangely addicted to! Say dumb things!” And for you, sad panda, I return.

Ariana’s birthday extravaganzas (please note the plural) were wonderful! We enjoyed a lovely dinner with at Terry’s sister and brother-in-laws house on Friday night, then drove 350 miles to Ohio, only to arrive at 1:30am. The trip started out good (well? I never know which fits at the end of that phrase), we left Indy at 8pm and the girls were both immediately asleep.

Then, it happened.

We did something awful.

We stopped for gas at 10:45pm.

Ariana awoke. And stayed up. Until after 2am.

I have to say, though, she was a happy panda. She talked to me and asked for water and a graham cracker… and who can resist the almost-two-year-old in pink unicorn footie pajamas? Not me, because I gave her a full sippy of water and half a pack of graham crackers. And I picked Pooh and Eeyore up off the floor for her 29387293487 times when she dropped him on purpose. Why? Because she’s darn cute.

The Ohio party was wonderful. Ariana enjoyed presents and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I enjoyed the cake doubly as much. It’s a good thing I start the 3-day diet again tomorrow, or I will gain back all the weight I’ve lost so far. And who really wants to read blogs written by a grumpy blogger eating 209384 pounds of chocolate cake and smearing it all over the keyboard?


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