is she really old enough for a toddler bed?

Terry put together Ariana’s toddler bed today (as you can see from the last post), with Ri’s help, of course. It took about an hour, plus the time it took him to take the head and foot boards apart and reassemble them because the stupid directions left a part out.

After we (I was taking pictures the whole time, so obviously I was part of the process, right?) got the bed together, Terry and I spent about 3 hours rearranging the room. We discussed all the possible hazards in the room and moved the bed here, there, out into the kitchen to reconsider, back in, back, forth… it was awful.

We ended up (much to Terry’s dismay) putting the bed back where Ariana’s pack-n-play was before… I of course decided this after Terry moved the heavy bookshelf and every other piece of furniture in the bedroom somewhere else.

After we got everything in place, we talked about baby/toddler-proofing the room. Oh, you should have seen us… we spent those 3 hours walking through the bedroom saying “can she get into this? what about this? what happens if she climbs up the bookcase and swings from the curtain?” as if we would put her in the bedroom and go to the store.

After all of this, Terry and I ate our diet dinner, which was 1 cup of carrots, 1 cup of green beans, chicken, an apple and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. Blech! I had been hungry before the dinner, but I was struggling to get through the apple and ice cream. 10 minutes after dinner was over, I was craving popcorn, so I brewed a pot of coffee and drank the whole thing in about 15 minutes. Mmm.

Ariana whined for 5 minutes in her bed, then fell asleep. If it’s possible, she looks even cuter in a toddler bed!


One thought on “is she really old enough for a toddler bed?

  1. Okay. You sound like a pretty new Mum. I am an old one. Perhaps we can enjoy each other’s blogs. I have been searching for someone who writes well and is amusing. You’ve got the chops. I’ll check back. If you’d like to check my site out, please do.


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