hello kitty persona

**If you’ve ended up on this page, welcome to the most-viewed post on my blog, thanks to my Hello Kitty photo!**

Imagine my delight when I opened my Firefox browser this morning and was offered to “change my persona”! I was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a new person and was in the middle of deciding who I would become as I clicked the install button. Apparently, you do not become a new person. Filled with disappointment and a little anger, I browsed the themes that I could use to decorate my browser with. And then I saw it.

The Hello Kitty Persona.

It’s pink. It has Hello Kitty in a raincoat standing under an umbrella.

I clicked. Quickly.

Now, whenever I glance up to go to one of my bookmarked buttons, Hello Kitty stares at me in all her mouthless wonder and makes me happy.

Oh, the small things in life.

Ariana is wearing the outfit she wore for her birthday extravaganza at my Mom’s and keeps telling us, “My bert-day! Pe-sant? Cookies?” which translates to “It’s my birthday! Presents? Cake?” She spent part of the morning in the bedroom playing while Terry cleaned and I took care of Harper… she stood at the foot of her bed and said “cart?” and proceeded to try to push the bed around, to no avail.

I’m feeling better today, if you define better as “slightly less sick and 1000 times more achy, but able to eat cheerios for breakfast.” Now I’m lounging on the couch watching Ariana play with fake eggplant and broccoli… she’s getting upset that they are not behaving and yelling “EIEIO! Cow!” at them. That should definitely help a lot.


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