maybe we should teach her a new word. and gesture.

Ariana is extremely smart. I’m not saying this in the I’m-her-mama-and-I-know-that-my-baby-is-the-next-einstein kind of way, I’m saying this in the really-I-swear-she-does-more-than-pick-her-nose-and-scream-in-public kind of way.

She tries to repeat every word you say to her and can form short sentences (“I want cookies”, “I love you, mommy. Pie?”, “Harper sleeping”, etc.) and she seems to gain more knowledge every day. She also has an incredible understanding of, well, everything. If you tell her to clean up, for example, she sings “Clean up! Clean up!” and puts all of her toys away. She is a smart cookie.


She was taught one word that she will. not. stop. saying. And gesturing about.

Are you ready?

Boobies. Complete with an extremely inappropriate grabbing gesture. Courtesy of Terry’s friend’s fiancé.

Now this may not seem like THAT big of a deal, and it may seem funny (which it really is), but the amusement wears off when we take Harper’s shirt off and Ariana yells “boobies!” and tries to grab them. Or when she yells it at a woman with a low-cut shirt in public.

Yes, I think we need to teach her a replacement word. Something less embarrassing, like dinky (meaning something small, not… well, never mind).


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