I went to the store and I bought… apple-pears!

Last night as we shopped at one of our favorite stores, I ran across the most remarkable fruit: an apple-pear! I’ve never heard of such a thing, so of course, I bought six of them. The description said something about them having the crunch of an apple mixed with the sweetness of a pear.

I think that apple-pears are going to be the perfect substitute in one of my favorite side dishes: fresh tortillas with monterey jack cheese and pear slices. I’m going to make them tonight along with chicken enchiladas and I’m already hungry for dinner!

Yesterday, I went to the store to pick up a new stock-pot for my mother-in-law’s birthday present and while I did end up buying the stock-pot, I also bought a chair for Ariana, two giant muffin pans for me and an asparagus steamer for Terry.

Poor Harper got gypped, so I, being the fair and loving mama that I am, will have to buy her something when I go out today. I won’t mention that I love buying things for my family, so any excuse is a good one.

Terry is watching BSG again today, I think he said it’s season 4. When he buys all the seasons, I’ll actually watch it, but I hate jumping in when it’s not the beginning of the series.

Ariana is currently pretending to saw my leg off with a wooden knife, so I suppose that is my signal to stop rambling on such a boring post.

If you’re reading this and would like to give me some ideas of things you’d enjoy reading in the future, I’d appreciate it. If you’d rather email me, as many of you do, that is fine too! Have a good Friday!


One thought on “I went to the store and I bought… apple-pears!

  1. A ranch? A ranch as in starting your day before most of us start our day? Best wishes to your husband as he embarks on a dream. To you, I say rein him in or you will be working harder than he any day of the week. I have cousins who own/operate farms and ranches. They start before I do (6 am) and end after I’ve run out of energy (11 pm). You have young ones, God bless and good luck.


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