I forgot to mention the 18-wheeler, didn’t I?

On our drive back home last night, we had an incredible scare. It was dark and I normally wouldn’t drive because it’s dark, but for some reason I really wanted to drive home.

We were on a three-lane highway and I was in the farthest right lane. An 18-wheeler entered from the farthest left lane from behind me, meaning I was within his visual range. He signaled as he sped up (I was already going about 7 miles over the speed limit, so I have no idea how fast he must’ve been going) and crossed into the middle lane and right next to my car.

I noticed that the driver was awfully close to me and started hugging the edge of the road. Without signaling, the 18-wheeler started pulling into my lane. I laid on the horn as I swerved off the road and about 10 other drivers started honking as well. The truck never slowed down, never moved out of our lane, never gave any sign that he saw me.

I was so grateful that I was paying attention and that there was such a wide shoulder where I had to pull over. We are really blessed.


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