sensible shoes and ring around the rosy, ft. pooh bear

For the past 8 years, I have had the same pair of shoes.

These shoes:

I love these shoes.

They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. They fit perfectly. They are big enough to fit the softest arch supports ever. They are amazing.

I have worn them quite often over the past 8 years. The only time I’m not is when I wear flip-flops or running shoes. I adore them.

In the 4ish years Terry and I have been together, he has gone through at least 4 different pairs of regular shoes. By “gone through” I mean torn, ripped, beaten to a shoey-pulp, smell-so-bad-the-neighbors-are-starting-to-complain. I have never seen anyone go through that many pairs! Or socks. He wears through socks like that *snaps fingers*

Back to my shoes. My comfy, sensible, amazing, perfect, only a little worn out shoes. Oh shoes. I’m never giving you up.

Okay, I sound a bit obsessed about my shoes. Not my intent at all.

Moving on!

Ariana is a busy little lady today. She has been playing with all sorts of things and making up hilarious games. The most enjoyable part was watching her swing her Pooh Bear (classic Pooh, of course) around and sing “ring ’round rosy, pok poseeee, ash-ih, ash-ih, all fall DOWN!” and promptly throws Pooh on the floor and flops onto him. She is so sweet.

And because I know how much you all love pictures, here are a few for your viewing pleasure from this morning:


love baby hands!

my sweet, handsome husband (oh, I guess I’m there too)

kisses from my silly girl


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