olly olly hot water free!

Oh for the love of hot water. I never realized how much hot water we used until we were without. Showering is the main thing, but we can’t even do dishes without boiling water.

My shower this morning consisted of the last 4 drops of warm water in the holding tank mixed with our happily free-flowing ice water. I’ve never gotten in and out of the shower so quickly. Terry clocked me, it took 47 seconds. Who knew I could be that efficient?

Poor Harper has a nasty little fever and has been super cuddly today. My mother-in-law and I think she’s teething, but Terry said he’s worried she might have picked something up. I told him, yes, she had picked something up, given that she was holding a toy in her hand. I got a nasty look and the silent treatment for 32 seconds, then he went back to loving my sharp wit and extremely clever jokes.

We celebrated my birthday last night, which may or may not have involved this delicious cake:

We all had a generous piece last night and Terry and I, worried that the cake might go bad, made a huge sacrifice and finished the cake for breakfast. I know, I know, how selfless of me! *takes a bow*

I got some wonderful presents too! My in-laws gave me a giant Kit Kat bar, a potato scrubber and a potato masher, new pants and a new shirt, plus the cake. Terry got me a set of green and black square plates and matching bowls, some fancy red and black bowls, blue and white bowls, a wavy knife to make crinkle cut veggies and a palm peeler- before you start referring back to my Sears post and comments, let me explain! This peeler has a little ring that slips on your middle finger so you can peel with the palm of your hand. It’s really neat. And here’s a picture, because I know how much you all love visuals:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go call Norton to complain about the fact that they automatically renewed my subscription on Anti-Virus for a computer that we don’t own! Woo!


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