A gentleman is a man who can play the accordian but doesn’t.

Today is the Super Bowl. Since my team is not actually in the Super Bowl (and hasn’t been since, well, ever), this is not a huge game for me. This is, however, a huge to Terry’s family, most of whom are Colts fans. So we, of course, are rooting for the Saints. We almost went as far as to buy some small Saints paraphernalia, but we are cheap, so we passed on that.

Terry has been making wings for most of the afternoon, and he prepped all the chips, popcorn and cheeze-its so he isn’t crazy busy last minute. There are hot and spicy wings in there that are calling my name, but alas, I have been banished from the kitchen, seeing as I keep attacking my husband as I try to get to the wings.

If you haven’t seen a tie in with my post title, it’s alright. I don’t have one. I just thought it was funny. And so is this:

And if you don’t find that funny, well, you are no fun.


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