busy as a bee, I just don’t have a stinger

Today really has been full of stuff that had to be done…
*cleaned the bedroom
*baked applesauce muffins, made grilled cheese sandwiches
*took 200+ pictures of the girls (in fairness, they are really cute and photogenic)
*uploaded and edited pictures
*sorted through vaccination paperwork for the girls so we’re ready for the free vax clinic on Saturday
*played with two almost-happy children

Are you jealous?

I knew you would be.

I still have dinner to make (turkey meatloaf) and I was hoping to go out somewhere so we can walk, but it’s been snowing, so I’m not sure how the roads will be.

And now, because I know you were concerned that you would miss out on pictures, here are a few from today!

Please ignore the fact that I didn’t wipe her nose off…

Squishy smiley face!


For this picture, Ariana asked to push the button, so I let her and it turned out beautifully!


5 thoughts on “busy as a bee, I just don’t have a stinger

  1. I need to comment on all your new posts but I have to pee and get in the shower, sorry! Anyway, I LOVE the pics of your girls. I’m game for any giveaway. My kids didn’t sleep well today at all and both woke up at 5-ish. Oh and will you come to clean my house and do my laundry?!


    1. Glad you like the pictures! I still have no ideas about the giveaways. We’ll see what I can come up with. At least I wasn’t the only mama up early! And I would come clean and do laundry for you but then I wouldn’t have time to clean ours, so you can see how that would only benefit you and not me, so I don’t think Terry would like that haha ;)


  2. Yikes! You were busy today!

    I was too with work (4 hours), then food shopping, bank, dry cleaning, drop my daughter Tory at hitting lessons, then waiting while she did the high school weight room workout, then cooking dinner, finishing laundry then taking time to check out my fav bloggers!
    Love you!


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