coffee is heavenly, laundry not so much

The girls forgot how to sleep this morning. Ariana got up around 6 and talked to her stuffed animals for about 30 minutes while Terry and I dozed as best as we could. Then she got tired of that and started to whine, then climbed in bed with me and proceeded to kick me for 15 minutes.


Terry, being the kind and intelligent husband he is, let me doze a little longer since Harper was still asleep and because he knew I’d be a sour puss (not a soup puss, which I originally typed- that’s funnier, but I am not a cat, nor am I cooking in chowder).

Harper managed to sleep in another 30 minutes and then I got up and became super mom.

Folding clothes with lightning fast speed! Vacuuming the floor while feeding the kids! Leaping over-stuffed laundry baskets in a single bound (okay, step. I was too tired to bound).

Alright, maybe I’m not as amazing as I am setting myself up to be, but I think I’m at least doing well- it’s only 10:30 am and I’ve already cleaned the entire bedroom, folded all the blankets, cleaned the floor, done a load of laundry and had one cup of coffee. I’ll take what little awesomeness I can offer myself.


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