sometimes you just need to talk (or sing) it out.

Terry and I had a long discussion the other day about some pretty serious topics, like having more children, what kind of car to buy in the future and goldfish jingles.

You heard me.

Err, read me.

We discussed the all-important and extremely hilarious goldfish jingles from the early 2000s. He didn’t believe me when I told him about certain parts of my favorite jingle, so I looked it up and now, for your viewing pleasure, my favorite goldfish jingle:

(notice anything odd?)

Here’s our jingle for Goldfish®
We wrote a song for Goldfish

The wholesome snack that smiles back
until you bite their heads off!

See the fishes swimming…
Oh look the pretzel’s winning…

Didn’t that make you feel good about Goldfish?

Here’s our Jingle for Goldfish
Crunchy little Goldfish

Oh good we’re at the part
Where we show that they’re baked and not fried

Did you know they’re made
with real cheese
Even though they look like fishies

The snack that smiles back Goldfish.


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