if it’s not one thing, it’s ten things (updated at bottom)

Last week, as you may remember, the gas was shut off due to a leak. This shut off our hot water as well as our heat. We’ve dealt fairly well I think. We were lucky that we had three electric heaters, aka just enough warmth to keep from freezing at night and thanks to Lowes, we got an electric water heater so we could stop smelling like feet shower.

Today, the gas-pipe-people-guys (I think that’s their official title, but don’t quote me) showed up and began digging and digging and digging.

After only about 45 minutes, we hear screaming and hollering and there was an abrupt silence and the engine to the CAT shut off.

Terry rushed outside.

The gas-pipe-people-guys rushed into the basement.

The water line. They hit the water line.

(the black thingee is the water line, Terry told me)

They turned the water off. We all very suddenly got very thirsty and desperately wanted to use the bathroom. Ariana, instinctively knowing something was wrong, said “water?” and was given her mug, which was pretty much the only water in the house. We all looked forlorn and I kid you not, she laughed at us in our misery.

The gas-pipe-people-guys futzed with the circuit breaker and used some ridiculously loud tools in the basement, which made the power flip on and off several times and also woke Harper, who had just finally fallen asleep. Sigh.

They managed to repair it, but can’t turn the water on again for fear of hitting another part of the line (or something like that, I don’t really know).

Here’s a small part of the digging. The window closest to us is the bedroom where H was sleeping while they dug.

We had lunch, which might as well have been a pound of salt (sausage cooked in onions, frozen tater tots- warmed, of course- and frozen potato skins) and talked about how much we all love water and missed it.

Terry has been trooping in and out at my request to take pictures of everything. As I typed this, he rushed in looking for the phone saying “I think they hit the sewer line!”. Fantastic.

They are still trying to sort out if they hit it for sure, but apparently they are going to wait until they finish digging to make sure. Yum.

Poor bushes. You will probably die soon.


They did hit the sewer line. Delicious. Now the pipe-fixer-breaker-guys are getting parts to fix it. Glad we’re going to be gone for the weekend!


5 thoughts on “if it’s not one thing, it’s ten things (updated at bottom)

  1. Good Lord! Are these guys professionals or is this there first time digging? I thought they were supposed to know where this stuff was before they dug!!! Yikes. I hope your house survives this “repair.” Good time to get away for sure!


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