not me monday!

It’s Monday again. Here I am, bleary-eyed and no-tailed thanks to two unnamed children who decided 5am was the most appropriate wake-up time.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve only had two cups of coffee, so I am far-behind on a caffeinated-coma. Le sigh. And of course, we need to go out today and it snowed at least 5 inches.

Don’t get me wrong, I love snow.

But I’m ready for Spring.

It’s Monday again… did I say that already? I really am sleepy. Monday means it’s time for some not-me stuff for your reading pleasure!

It was not me who watched a marathon of Beverly Hillbillies because I was too lazy to hunt for the remote.

I did not laugh when Ariana tumbled off the couch when she tried to grab my cup of coffee. It was not at all funny when she rolled over, looked proud of herself, picked the cup up and gave it to me. It was especially not amusing that she climbed back up on the couch and purposely fell off three more times.

I did not get excited when I found a latte cup that holds two cups worth of coffee and I am definitely not going to go out and buy it today because I certainly do not want to get more coffee than Terry in the mornings.

I do not try to rationalize eating the crème brûlée/ popcorn/ insert-yummy-fatty-food here by telling myself that I will get back to my diet tomorrow.

It was not me who handed Terry the girls and asked him to feed them breakfast this morning just so I could get in the shower first.

Do you have some things you did not do? Head over to MckMama and join in the fun!


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