fork -n- eggs

Open your picture folders…find a random “February” picture from a past year and tell a story.

This is Ariana (duh). She’s 13ish months old here, since it was February 2009. At this point in her life, she was not picky about food. She tried everything she was offered. She even offered to eat things we tried to keep her away from, like Terry’s socks and my prenatal vitamin container (NOT the vitamins themselves).

She’s eating eggs. This is her first time really using a fork. It’s an adult fork, no less. She could never be seen eating with a (gasp) BABY fork!

She had a little problem keeping the fork the right way up. Terry was helping her, so I’m not surprised.


Maybe she’s holding it the right way and the rest of us are wrong. Okay, maybe that’s a reach. But only a little.

She got it figured out now. She devoured those eggs! I didn’t even have to put cheese on them to bribe her to finish them up.

She makes her mama proud. Especially this picture with her mouth hanging open while she’s chewing.

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This post brought to you by the letter E, the number 13 and Mama Kat’s workshop. Oh and me, because I wrote it and took the pictures.

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12 thoughts on “fork -n- eggs

  1. Visiting here from Writer’s Workshop. :-)

    Those are some seriously cute photos. I remember when my girls used to eat everything I put in front of them. You would think they would be picky as babies from eating bland baby food and develop into eating more flavorful foods, but nope. It’s quite the opposite.

    I should dig out some old pics to remind them of what they used to enjoy eating. ;-)


  2. So cute!!! And the good old day before they become picky eaters … how I miss that!!! I feel that my son takes away a food each day. Soon he’ll nothing but noodles!


  3. Very, very cute. Also, very clever how you were able to combine all your “required writing” into one post. I’m very impressed. :)

    Stopped by from Mama Kat’s


  4. That is great that she is willing to eat and try all food!! Yay on eating with a big fork, she was doing good for her first time! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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