my lack of ideas and posts is embarrassing.

I must have sat down to write something fifteen times today and instead of witty, charming sentences rolling from my fingers, I have nothing to show for it but, well, this:

If you are noticing that there is nothing there, ten points to you!

Truly, I seem to be in a writer’s slump. I have made many failed amazing attempts at filling posts with pictures and shortened versions of the ridiculous that makes up my day, but alas, I know you can see through my shroud of lameness.

Can you ever forgive me?

*crickets chirping”


I appreciate it.

Now, onto the good stuff.

This gem slipped past my spam filter, which obviously means that this must be ligit, right?

Abbott Randall

Dear Friend,
I am the Fund Manager of Fidelity Investment International, the World Largest Fund Management Company with over US$1.2 Trillion Capital Investment Fund. I handle all our Investor’s Direct Capital Funds and secretly extracted and retained 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annum on each of the Investor’s Marginal Capital Fund whenever we exceeded our annual target. As an expert, I have made the sum of (US$45.745 million) from the Investor’s (EMRCP). I seek your consent to assist me receive the sum of US$45.745 million in your account for disbursement between you and me. If you accept this deal, do reply urgently. For more details, Call me on this telephone number (+44)702-408-3606 after replying to my private email address

Mr. Abbott Randall,
Funds Manager.

I need to help this man and get my greedy hands on my our (US$45.745 million)! I mean, he called me friend, and since people don’t lie about that sort of stuff, we must have met and I just forgot about it.

I sent him all of my personal information, as well as my bank account numbers, credit cards and just to be safe, I put Terry’s information on there too. And because we’re friends, I forwarded Ariana and Harper’s social security numbers. I’ve got it covered.

Man, life is gonna be awesome once I get my money! I’ll pay off my loans, buy a few cars, maybe a few houses, put away for retirement, etc. We’re totally set for life.


3 thoughts on “my lack of ideas and posts is embarrassing.

  1. LMAO…I do hope you’ll share the wealth! I’ve been in a slump too sweets…but I have a feeling all my witty stories went down the crapper this past week, literally! Hang in there, something will happen and the words will flow with ease again soon. Until then eat chocolate!


  2. hi Iam new to wordpress and to the internet, but i have been following your work – it makes me laugh. I have a couple of stories up if you have time could you give them a look – don’t worry about writers block probably means you are tired – take a break but not too long -I look forward to a good laugh – cya


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