not me monday!

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I did not leave Ariana and Harper in their pajamas until after lunch. I didn’t let them get PB&J mess all over said pajamas. And I definitely did not let them play in the same pajamas for another hour after lunch before getting them dressed for the day.

And even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have taken pictures of them in their “PB&PJs” (That’s clever! Don’t pretend you aren’t impressed!)

Ariana would not look like this:

Harper would not look like this:

I did not find a rotten tomato on the windowsill. After not finding a tomato, I certainly would not have said “ew, gross!” and then take a picture before throwing it out. That would be gross!

(I am not adding the picture I did not take because it was kinda moldy and I don’t wanna scare away potential new readers :)

It was not me who considered using heavy whipping cream in my rice krispies this morning because we ran out of milk.

I did not flash my engagement ring (wasn’t wearing my wedding band or I would not have flashed that too) repeatedly at a cashier at the store who was making goo-goo eyes at my husband. After I didn’t do that, I most definitely did not put my hand around his waist and pull him out of the store.

Do you have things you didn’t do? Stop by MckMama‘s to link up your own!


7 thoughts on “not me monday!

  1. I never noticed a cashier making “goo-goo eyes” at me! I guess that a guy for you. I lOVE YOU babe, and you don’t have to worry about cashiers anyway, I’m with you!


  2. Thanks for the comment. Just this saturday I was getting my 4 year old ready to head up to bed and she objected until she realized she didn’t have to change, cause she was still in her jammies and had been all day. Even better, so was I. No PB&J was harmed in our jammie day though.


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