mommy dearest

My name is Mommy Dearest.

I play the role of chef, chauffeur, maid, nurse (literally, in Harper’s case), to name a few.

Being a stay-at-home mom has a ton of perks!

It means I don’t have to answer to anyone, which is great. Hold on, Ariana is asking for water. Alright, I’m back. Oops, sorry, Harper dropped her graham cracker. Okay, took care of it. Now what was I saying?

I don’t have to take the time to put on makeup, because really, who is going to stop by? I doubt the UPS man is going to be horrified that I don’t own one of those things that turns my eyelashes up. The fact that I am still in my torn dark grey college sweatpants and a tank top in the middle of the afternoon might scare him a little, though… too bad.

Being at home means that I get a little extra time to answer calls from my family members and friends to catch up on things! Fantastic!

(Just don’t call before 7:30am, we might not be up yet. Oh, don’t call after about 8pm, that’s when the girls go to bed. And if you could avoid calling between 10 and 11am, that’s when Harper naps. Ariana naps from 12:30 to 2pm, so that isn’t going to be a good time either. Harper is usually down for her second nap from 2-3, I won’t get a chance to grab the phone then either. Oh, and please don’t call at meal times, which are 8am, noon and around 6pm. And by the way, my cell phone doesn’t have great reception, so I might not see your call. But really, feel free to call whenever!)

Since I don’t have work to tie me up, it gives me the opportunity to cook all of those kid-friendly recipes I was dying to try before Ariana was born! Nope, no PB&J for lunch most days. And definitely not microwaved frozen fish sticks/ frozen nuggets/ frozen tater tots for dinner at least three times a week!

I love the free time I have staying at home. It would really astound you how easy it is to keep the house completely clean, as well as playing with kids, changing diapers, cooking meals, doing laundry, etc. After I get all that done, there is TONS of time left in my day to do whatever I want!

When one of the girls is not feeling well, I can easily dote on her all day. I don’t have to worry about job responsibilities. Yep. It isn’t too much work to still take care of the healthy child, feed her, etc. And if I get sick? Pshhhh, piece of cake. I’m home already, so it’s simple to take care of everything around the house, plus kids and myself.

Yep, being a stay at home mom is easy, without any problems or difficulties. And if I could find my laptop amongst the mountain of toys in the living room, I’d tell you all about it.


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