thank goodness for cheesecake!

Terry treated the girls and I to Cheesecake Factory for lunch yesterday. He surprised me, so I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my teeth were aching so bad that I was considering pulling a Tom Hanks in Cast Away and ripping them out with an ice skate.

Ariana spent the meal wrapping bread in the napkins and telling me to find them. My head was pounding, so I rested it on the table for a minute. Ariana patted and rubbed my back, hugging me, asking, “What wrong, mommy? Aww it okay!” It was sweet.

I managed to scarf eat most of the garlic pasta I ordered and was thrilled for the imminent arrival of the Godiva cheesecake. I forced myself to frantically shovel carefully eat half of the cheesecake and it actually helped my teeth feel a little better! Chocolate has healing properties! That or they laced it with vicoden… whatever.

When we got home, I took tylenol. Desperate for relief, I even went so far as to take two of Harper’s teething tablets (which didn’t help, if you were wondering). I got in bed with a cold wet washcloth on my jaw and promptly passed out for three hours. Oops.

I’m better now, I think. Terry is going to be gone until sometime this afternoon, so it’s just me and the babies. Ariana is poking me and laughing maniacally. She had been helping me paint, but apparently this is more entertaining. Harper is napping, which is good, because she has been a super crank today.

Ariana just told me that it’s time to “eat water. eat toast!” so off I go!


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