don pablos fiasco

First of all, I appreciate all of the emails/ tweets/ facebook messages about your concerns when I was captured by space alien pirates who needed a nimble and extremely clever princess to aid them in their mission to eat all the Heath bars on Earth and then take over Mars not posting or tweeting yesterday. You are all too sweet!

Maybe that says something about how often I’m online…

On to the fun stuff!

Yesterday, Terry, his parents, the girls and I went out to dinner. Terry had been raving about Don Pablo’s, which was a place I’d never been to, and since I was craving Mexican, we figured it was a good bet.

I have never had a more bizarre dining experience.

Terry ordered chicken tacos and the rest of us had endless enchiladas. When the 8-foot tall server brought our food, he tripped over a chair and we all watched sadly as our plates crashed to the floor and into the water fountain that was behind Terry.

Unfortunately (and you’ll understand why in a second), my food was not dropped in the process. He handed me my plate and what was left of the girls’ food (1 chicken tender and 9 tater tots) and left. My enchiladas looked as though they’d been made in 1952 sitting under a heating lamp for a while. The cheese was congealed and nasty, ugh.

Terry asked them to take it back, and with a thousand apologies, the manager did so, saying he would have them re-make it for me.

Out came the food again and low and behold, the circa-1802 gross enchiladas returned. Terry was upset and told the waitress that I would eat it (because I was just hungry), but that they got it wrong again. Manager came back with ten thousand more apologies and this time, the kitchen got it right.

Oh and did I mention the stove caught fire three times while we were in there? It wasn’t one of those high-flames-cause-we’re-cool-and-cooking-awesome-food things, but more like one of those crap-we-spilled-too-much-on-the-super-hot-burners-let’s-pretend-we-did-it-on-purpose things.


Terry said we don’t have to go again. I told him we could, but I think we’ll bring hand-fire-extinguishers and wear space suits, just in case.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my ridiculous conversation with Terry about his terrible spelling! Stay tuned, I think you’ll enjoy it :)


4 thoughts on “don pablos fiasco

  1. Ugh, I hate that place. I’m sorry you had a crappy experience! If you want good Mexican come visit me…I’ll hook a sista’ up! Wait…you want Mexican, I’ll hook a chica up!


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