sumwun needs two get hooked on fonix

Terry is a bad speller.

We had a long conversation in the car today about this problem, and this is how it went:

C: Your spelling is atrocious. I honestly don’t know anyone who spells as badly as you do.

T: That’s because I spell phonetically.

C: Can you spell ‘phonetically‘?

T: F-

C: Are you kidding me?

T: *laughs* I’m joking. P-h-n-

C: Fin?

T: No no that was wrong, okay p-h-a-

C: Oh c’mon!

T: (exasperated) Well how do you spell it?

C: p-h-o-n-e-t-i-c-a-l-l-y

T: Well I was close. Give me another word.

C: Alright. How about quartz?

T: Q-u-o-r-t-s

C: Um, not even close.

T: What do you mean? Which quarts are we talking about? Courts? Quarts?

C: QuartZ. As in the mineral.

T: Oh ok. Q-w-

C: W?! When has W followed Q ever?!

T: Uh, now? Q-a-

C: You’re messing with me now, aren’t you. Are we on candid camera?

T: *chuckles* Q-u-a-r-t-z.

C: Wow! I’m impressed. Want another word?

T: Bring it on.

C: Volvo.

T: Like the car?

C: Yep.

T: Volvo is v-o-l-l-v-o and-

C: Nope, it’s not.

T: Really? Okay, is it v-o-l-v-o?

C: Yes.

T: Give me a harder word.

C: Meringue.

T: M-u-r-r-a-n-g-e

C: Murrange? Like a range for murrs?

T: What?

C: Nevermind. It wasn’t right. Try again.

T: M-u-

C: Nope.

T: M-e-?

C: Keep going…

T: …r-a-

C: No.

T: *frustrated* How about a different word?

C: Fudge-muffin.

T: That’s not a word.

C: Yes it is!

T: No, it’s not. It’s probably a nickname you made up for one of the girls.

C: …

T: It is, isn’t it.

C: Maybe.

T: Well it’s spelled f-u-d-g-e and m-u-f-f-i-n.

C: I’m so proud! You impress me.

T: With what? My ability to spell foods?

C: Um, yes?

T: I can spell other things too.

C: Like what?

T: Nothing that you can blog about.

C: Why not?!

T: Isn’t your blog family friendly?

C: Well, I like to think so…

T: Then let’s pass.

C: Tell me! Puh-lease?

T: That’s not a word.

C: Please is a word!

T: Yes but puh-lease is not.

C: I can spell it, does that make it a word?

T: No.

C: Oh. Can I blog about this conversation then?

T: No.

C: Can I do it anyway? I swear, it’ll be hilarious. People will be rolling on the floor, grabbing at their sides, trying not to wet their pants!

T: Fine. Just don’t make me look like a nincompoop.

C: Can you even spell nincompoop?

T: …


8 thoughts on “sumwun needs two get hooked on fonix

  1. This made me laugh…my husband is a bad speller too. I tell him I have an imaginary red pen that’s circling words like crazy when I read stuff he writes.


  2. LMAO!!! Seriously this was great. Reminds me of my bff growing up. She couldn’t spell if her life depended on it


  3. I wish the English Language was spelled phonetically. Spelling would be so much easier–and it would be consistent–and it would make my life as a teacher a lot easier!


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