Reasons why I’m thrilled for Spring!

10. I have a large and very cute collection of flip-flops that I long to wear.

9. Cutting the grass, as bizarre as that sounds.  I love the smell of fresh-cut grass!

8. I don’t have to store blankets, jackets and other miscellaneous possible-winter-disaster stuff in the Mazda, which just makes my already awesome car look even more awesome!

The possibility of sitting out on the porch and not having to bundle up.

6. Watching the flowers and trees bloom.

5. I’ll get to go running again!  Because of my knee, I’m afraid of running in the snow, so I can’t wait to get back out there.

4. Being able to clean the car and not having to worry about it icing up before it’s dry.

3. We can put our expensive double stroller to work :)

2. Opening the windows!

And my top reason:
1. It forces me to shave every day (which I actually already do, but this makes me more accountable to do a good job)- I know, you thought I was going to be a contender for Mrs. Bear-Legs-Summer-Edition, but I think I’ll pass.

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?


One thought on “Reasons why I’m thrilled for Spring!

  1. Hee, hee, hee. You got a real thing going recently about that car of yours. It must be because you cleaned it. I love a clean car (not that mine is clean very often, just saying).

    My favorite thing about spring is the sun warming my back and neck as I bend over my winter tossed perennials, working to push them back into the ground, and clean up winter’s detritus. After our most recent storm with 80 mph winds I’m longing for gentle spring days.


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