hello kitty persona, take two

Apparently, if you Google “hello kitty persona“, my original post detailing the thrill of being able to make Hello Kitty part of my browser is the fourth on the list of links.

Not that I mind sharing my love for all things Hello Kitty, but why oh why must that be the top search that brings people to my blog?

And if I may be so bold, when they get here, couldn’t they read more than just that single post and then move on to something better else?

I have changed my persona about 15 times since that post.  I’ve also lost about 15 pounds.  That has nothing to do with anything, other than I want to brag.

I had a great blog partially drafted for today about the weather and some other stuff, but after seeing the Hello Kitty thing show up as the top search again, I had to post on that instead.  Maybe tomorrow you’ll find out if today was nice or not!

Now I’m curious… what’s the top search that brings people to your blog?


One thought on “hello kitty persona, take two

  1. I was curious what spiked your readership enough in a short time for you to comment on it. Now we know!

    I’ve gotten a spike in hits based on mentioning PSE&G, our local utility supplier. Lots of folks have spoiled food and want to know what PSE&G is going to do about it. Not too sexy, eh?


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