The good things in life, mish-mash edition.

I had been looking forward to yesterday for a while.  I got to meet a friend that I met online over two years ago.  When we moved to Alaska, I lost all opportunity to meet most of my online friends, so when I found out that M lived a mere two hours from me and would be in the area today, I was thrilled.

We went out for ice cream while her hubby and daughters wandered around in the mall nearby.  I almost had to bring Ter and the girls, since he had been bugging me non-stop to go with and wander around Best Buy asked if he could tag along and stop at the store.

He ended up not coming and I enjoyed a luxurious and unthought of two hours with M to talk about everything under the sun.

Harper is on the verge of walking, so we’re hoping that happens soon.  Don’t remind me that she has been on the verge of walking for the past month and a half, it’ll get you put on my bad side.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and walked around the house for a bit to stretch and relax.  When I went back into the bedroom, Terry was laying on the floor partially wrapped up in his comforter, talking in his sleep to the cord of my electric blanket.  I can’t tell you what he was saying because as soon as I shut the door, he promptly got back into bed and went to sleep.

We have a possible job opportunity an hour from us and we are headed up to check it out today.  We really need the jobs, as long as they will have enough hours!  We’ll have to see.

My lack of posting has not been from lack of desire to post, but rather from lack of time.  I’ve been crocheting a lot and trying to get some things done for my mom’s mother’s day gift, not to mention the time I need to spend with the girls.

I also have had a lack of entertaining thoughts to share, but I’ll work on it.

Happy Sunday!  Hope it’s as beautiful there as it is here :)


2 thoughts on “The good things in life, mish-mash edition.

  1. LOL @ Terry! Too funny. Good luck with the possible job opp…hope it is something that will work for you guys.

    You are in Alaska? Where? My husband’s buddy lives in North Pole.


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