To grandmother’s house we go! Err, went…

Did you miss me?

I’ll assume from the sound of crickets chirping that you simply fell asleep because you were so lonely and sad, sitting next to the computer, eyes bloodshot, waiting longingly for an email detailing my latest rambling post… or because there were only two hits on my blog today (which is super pathetic by the way), you probably forgot about my blog entirely since last Wednesday.

Don’t worry, I’ll recover.


Excuse me while I sit behind the couch with a large chocolate bunny and drown my sorrows by crying and eating said-bunny’s ears.  What was that you said?  Diet? I have no idea what you are talking about.  You must be delirious from sitting awake for over 72 hours hoping I’d post some little morsel for your pleasure.

Regardless of me falling off the wagon straying slightly from my diet and regardless of you being so grateful for a new blog post you could kiss me getting excited for another rousing round of “how much can Caroline fit into one blog post?”, I am back to post about my thrilling visit to my mom’s house.

We had a fantastic trip!  My mom and dad were, as usual, wonderful with the girls.  They played well together (grandparents and granddaughters), we were all spoiled (favorite meals were cooked, there were presents galore, our tax return came so we could finally get iPhones), and we were all sad when the visit came to an end.

It snowed while we were there, because what is spring without four inches of snow during the only three days we were able to visit this month?

I will leave you with some mommy-ness:

Ariana came into the bedroom this evening and promptly took off all of her clothes.  She laid down on the mini-futon/couch thing, wrapped herself in my zip-up sweatshirt and said “I go to sleep”.  I took 509,634 pictures (okay, I may have exaggerated… it was only 509,598) and here is my favorite:

I love being a mama.  Happy Sunday night!


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