sweet peas and excessive easter candy

The girls are such sweeties.  They love each other so much.  They play well together- Ariana is a doting big sister and Harper is a cuddly little sister.

Ariana enjoys taking care of Harper and I think she has been working more than we have with H to get her to walk!  Ri tries to change H’s diaper, she kisses H when she falls, plays peek-a-boo with her when she cries, etc.

Here’s a great example:

Ariana somehow ended up with H’s cup and knew that H wanted water.

Knowing that H can’t drink the water easily while standing alone, Ri wanted to help.

I love watching their interaction.

In other news, the girls got way too much Easter candy this year- some from us, both sets of grandparents, from their aunt and uncle, and from the Easter Egg hunt.  I am hoping to lose 20 pounds by May (including water weight), and the Easter candy is not helpful in that goal.  It’s presence taunts me, begging me to eat it, hoping that I will give into it’s evil tempting.

Well let me tell you now, you delicious inanimate object, I will not yield to your sweetness.

Okay, maybe just one piece before I go…


4 thoughts on “sweet peas and excessive easter candy

  1. Get out the Windex and spray it all over the candy. Just do it. You’ll feel so much better!
    It works for me: I may not have enough self respect to no eat all the Easter candy in three days but I have enough self respect to not eat candy covered in Windex!


  2. I say eat the candy, screw the diet!! Ok, that may just be my sugar high talking as my kids got alot of candy too! :-). Christie I love the Windex idea, I’m going to have to write that down somewhere for me to look at on Halloween.


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