One of the many things that drive me crazy.

(This is one of the many drafts that has sat half-finished for a month, waiting for my lazy rear to get in gear finishing touch.)

I decided it was time to share something that drives me absolutely nuts: slow, elderly drivers.

Please stop groaning.  You know my puns amuse you.

For some reason, when we go places, I drive.  It’s certainly not because 1. I get motion sickness when I’m in the passenger seat for too long or 2. because I’m the worst backseat driver since I have no depth perception thanks to my bad vision.  Nah.

I inherited a slight case of road rage from my mother and sister, so I am easily annoyed when I’m on the road.  I can’t stand being behind drivers who drive 15 mph under the speed limit on a one lane road.  I am irked when people don’t pull over/ slow down/ stop when an ambulance is flying down the road, trying to get through.

What really gets me though, is slow, elderly drivers.  I see story after story about 208-year-old Grandpa causing a pile-up because his pacemaker interacted with his hearing aid, making him swerve and bump the car in front of him.

Now don’t get me wrong- I see nothing wrong with old people driving if they are able to drive appropriately.  But I think the DMV needs to consult me as to whether or not certain people should be on the road.  If one of their staff would go with me, I could quickly point out the bad drivers as I fly past them at 70 mph.

I also think that any old person who has a hearing aid, glasses, pacemaker or any type of technology implanted on/in their body should be required to take a driver’s test after a certain age.

That being said, a lot of younger drivers really need to do the same thing… just not me.  I couldn’t pass the stupid cone test if my life depended on it.


2 thoughts on “One of the many things that drive me crazy.

  1. I passed (with flying colors) the driving test! In Alaska mind you and I parallel parked a 12 foot ford f-350 crew cab truck! but alas I don’t drive much anymore, maybe that’s why I have become such a bad driver! or is it my age?


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