I have a grudge against pillows, but I don’t mind cows.

I dislike pillows.

After two weeks, 30+ hours of labor, 16 extra cups of coffee and me almost pulling my hair out twice, I completed the stupidest, most vague pillow crochet pattern ever.

I picked up two copies of the pattern in hopes that my mother-in-law (who has crocheted for 30+ years and who taught me to crochet) would be able to help me through the trouble spots that I figured I’d hit as I worked through the pattern.  She must have pulled the yarn out sixteen times.

I had to make up my own version of the pattern, and last night at midnight, I finally finished the stupid thing.  The pattern said that it would only take 5 hours.  Lies.  I’m too embarrassed to show you the back of it, but this is the front:

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet the other day of our surprise visitor, but I never got the chance to tell you about what happened.

Terry and I were relaxing, watching a movie and he was rocking in his chair when I heard a loud “rrooooooooorrroooo”.  I glanced at him, assuming he was showing off his manly nature, but he didn’t move, so I figured the house was simply making a settling noise.

A minute later, we heard a louder “rrooooooooorrroooo”.  We looked at each other and I asked, “was that a cow?”  We hurried outside and to our surprise:

(poor quality because I took the pictures on my iPhone)

So to sum it up: crocheting pillow = bad, cows= not so much.


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