Maybe I do have a green thumb!

When I was younger, my dad and I planted a large vegetable garden every year.  We always grew tomatoes of all sizes (cherry to beefmasters), green beans and snow peas.

Every year, we had a huge crop of tomatoes- so many that we had to wrap the green tomatoes in newspaper and pack them in boxes in the basement at the end of the growing season.

When my mom and I planted, it was a huge array of impatients.  They always flourished and were beautiful all summer.  They grew well in the shade and were extremely hearty.

When Terry and I moved to AK, I was given 3 ivy plants and a cactus, all of which are not easy to kill.  I killed them all within a month somehow.  In my defense, I am fairly sure that those plants were not meant to grow in Alaska.

Terry gave me an orchid for my first mother’s day.  It lasted a whopping two months before giving up.  I was sad and decided it was probably better if I didn’t bother with plants for a while.

This year, I decided to try my hand at growing plants again.  I debated about what to get and finally decided to get a cheap strawberry plant kit.  My thinking was: strawberry plants grow easily when they are wild.  I did not realize that the kit came with strawberry seeds, which take forever to grow.

After at least a month, two shoots popped through and I was thrilled.  They survived for a while, then the leaves fell off.  The kit was crap, as you can see:

Terry offered to buy me a bigger strawberry plant and let me pick one out.  I chose one that looked hearty and difficult to kill within the first few days.

Can you guess what happened?

I did it! I didn’t kill them! (yet)


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