My life, in 6 words

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My 6 words for this Saturday:

To sum it up, I’m happy :)

Life is going well!  I’ve lost 7 pounds since I had to change my diet, which is fantastic in a week and a half.

The girls got some good outdoor time yesterday and they let me take 500 (sadly only a slight exaggeration) pictures of them, which was nice.

Today, I dressed the girls in onesies because there’s an ongoing issue of Harper playing with her belly button and Ariana lifting her shirt/ dress and yelling “boobies!’ at anyone who will listen.  The front of the onesie makes it look like a dress, which is clever and means I don’t have to put pants or diaper covers on them.

Ariana came running into the living room, lifting her shirt and hollering “boobies!” then looked down and couldn’t see them.  She looked panicked and said “Mommy! Where’d the boobies go?!” and has since been concerned for their well-being.

If you follow me on twitter, you know I got some up close and personal time with a baby finch yesterday.  If you don’t follow me, you should :)  If you don’t have twitter, how sad!  Here’s what you missed:

There were about four baby finches in the backyard- their nest was blown out of the tree because it was really windy.  The poor little birds weren’t strong enough to fly through the wind, which was sad.

This particular finch was not timid at all!  It let me get right up to it to take photos.  I love finches, partially because I had a pair, which in turn had 9 babies.

It stormed last night and I haven’t seen the finches this morning, but I hope they’re okay.

Happy Saturday :)


9 thoughts on “My life, in 6 words

  1. Congrats on losing 7lbs. It is awesome that you are at a happy place in life right now! I hope things continue on for you at the same pace! Have a great weekend and Happy 6WS!


  2. I’m happy to meet you through 6WS! Many good reasons to be happy; actually any reason is a good one. How did you happen to change your diet? Seven pounds in a week sounds fierce!


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