When the man’s away, the ladies will play!

Terry is away for the week for work.  He’ll be back on mother’s day (yay!), then head out for another few days (boo).  I’m excited for some time alone with my girls- today we took a walk and if the weather is nice, we’ll spend some quality time on the swingset :)

Harper had a tough night last night.  I went to bed around 11ish, despite my plans to go to bed earlier.  Harper had been fast asleep since 7:45.  As soon as I was completely settled in bed and starting to drift off, Harper started hollering.  Terry normally deals with her at night, because I lost my glasses and since I don’t wear my contacts to bed, I hate stumbling around like an idiot in the dark.

I got her settled down thanks to teething tablets, but she got up again and again.  Finally, after stubbing my toes for the 345,984th time, I gave up and brought Harper into bed with me.  I laid on my back with her snuggled up in my arms and she instantly went to sleep.  After 20 minutes, I carefully transferred her back into bed.  I checked in on the time: 2:33am.  So much for going to bed at a decent time :(

This morning, Ariana and Harper both got up around 6:30, but they played VERY quietly until 7:10, meaning I got to doze take my time waking up.

We had a brief but nasty little storm tonight.  It left us a gorgeous rainbow, but I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, so I had to darken the pictures so the rainbow is visible.  Here is the rain:

Here’s the rainbow:



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