I’m moving to a plastic bubble. Or a padded room.

I don’t remember ever being this clumsy.  I have had my moments where I do one small thing which snowballs into something ridiculous, but this week, I can’t seem to stop breaking things or getting hurt somehow.

Last Saturday, I knocked over a ceramic watering can that my mother-in-law gave me.  While trying to clean it up, I got a piece of it stuck deep in my finger.  Terry ended up having to take care of it for me.  While he was cleaning it up, I managed to walk into a doorway- please note I said into, not through.  Later, I tripped down the basement stairs (luckily only three from the bottom) and spilled my basket of clothes.

After Terry left on Sunday, I figured I was good for a while, that I had just had a bad day.

On Tuesday, Ariana bit my finger hard enough to make it bleed.  This was about 5 minutes after I cut my thumb with a paring knife while trying to cut up an apple for the girls.  I tripped on the basement steps again, this time halfway down, but I managed to keep the laundry in the basket this time!

My luck was improving until today when I once again got myself with the stupid paring knife (which I’m never using again).  This was not long after I had spilled hot coffee on myself, which was about an hour after I had fallen out of bed.

So, if anyone could recommend a good padded room, I’m in the market for one, preferably in
pink, but not this shade.


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