post #100? Really?

Apparently, this is my 100th post!

My original plan for my 100th post was to have a giveaway worth $100, but since I only have a handful of regular readers and even less commenters, I decided that I would hold off.

Instead, my 100th post will be a photo post of things I enjoy :)  Click on any pictures to view a larger version in a new window.

We’ve had tons of these tiny blue-ish butterflies all over the yard lately!  They are really social and calm :)

These little wildflowers grow everywhere, but they have such gorgeous detail.

Baby peaches, which will hopefully grow this year thanks to all of the spray Terry put on it.

Ariana flying a kite for the first time.  She was overjoyed!

Happy 100th post to me!  Maybe I’ll give something away with my 150th post ;)


4 thoughts on “post #100? Really?

  1. Yeah for 100 posts! I’ll take the $100 for you, you know if you just want to give it to someone! LMAO! I’m so glad I found you, or did you find me?! I think you found me first…thank goodness you did. My twitter feed and life would be so boring without you!


  2. Yeah! 100! Baby i love you so much! and people will start to read your blog more and more, just keep writing and people will read! Your wonderful and amazing and funny! What ever you do don’t stop blogging!


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