Dear Facebook: bite me.

Facebook changes its look or privacy controls more often than I bathe my children.

Honestly, I have never seen a website’s changes ebb and flow like Facebook.  One day, I am used to having to click on “most recent” to view my news, the next day I’m trying to figure out how the hell I managed to turn the Pirate language setting on.

I am tired of logging on and not knowing if I’ll be able to see anything from my friends because my news feed thingy has been overrun by Farmville & CafeWorld.  I grow weary of blocking 800 applications a day only to find that my friends seem to have found 800 more while I was sleeping and have since plagued my wall with them.

I don’t enjoy the fact that I set up notifications to be sent to my phone and then find out that I haven’t been getting most of them.  Half of my friends have the same problem.  At first we thought it was a problem with iPhone, but no, it’s just one more thing Facebook has done to screw with us.

It also irks me when Facebook decides to change its settings and not make a huge announcement about it, so we have to hunt around trying to find out what actually changed.

If it weren’t for all the mommies I would lose touch with, I would get rid of Facebook, but I can’t give up on my wonderful, supportive friends.

To Facebook, you can bite me.  I hate your facelifts and changes.  I miss the days when it was simple to go on, find friends and interact with them.  If I could find another way to keep in contact with my friends, I’d be kicking your lame-ass to the curb.


5 thoughts on “Dear Facebook: bite me.

    1. I found out that I’m missing out on about half the notifications and I don’t seem to get them between 9pm and 7am even though I have it set up to notify me at any time ugh!


  1. OHHHHHH. Thank you for sharing.
    So many of my friends want me to join Facebook, but my knee-jerk reaction has been to stay far, far away. The kind of stuff you have experienced would drive me bonkers, never mind being ‘found’ by people I don’t want to be found by!


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