do you know the muffin man? muffin woman?

Are you tired of hearing about my weight? Well I’m tired of seeing my weight, so let’s call it even ;)

I have the most obnoxious little muffin top. I really do.

That little brat contains a good part of the rest of weight I have to lose.

I despise being a muffin-top woman.

When Ariana asks me to sing “muffin man” for her, I secretly think she trying to tell me something. Everytime I hear her sweet, innocent voice excitingly squeal “Mommy, sing Muffin Man!!”, I want to do a million crunches so I don’t feel like her words are an accusation.

I have no idea how to properly get rid of this stupid glob of ick. Crunches? Sit-ups? Lipo + tummy tuck?

I am losing weight, but I see a plateau coming up because I haven’t pushed to do anything about the tummy I got from having the girls. Talk about frustrating!

45 pounds to go before I hit my pre-pregnancies weight- just gotta keep on truckin’!

At least Terry still finds me attractive :)


5 thoughts on “do you know the muffin man? muffin woman?

  1. I do find you attractive! And you will get back to the way you looked and the weight you were before the babies! I love you!


  2. It will come in time. After Lucien, I toned up the tummy with “the bean” and some cardio videos. This time, I’m having a harder time after the c-section.


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