Happy Father’s Day :)

Today, the love of my life celebrate’s his third Father’s Day. To some of you, that may not seem like many. To some of you, it may seem like a lot. To us, it seems like just yesterday that we were in Ohio and Alaska, celebrating the arrival of Ariana and Harper, respectively.

Terry and Ariana, circa August 2008 ^^

This is the one day a year that we really honor his diaper changes, wardrobe faux pas and patience with his daughters. We can giggle at the ridiculous meals he concocted, trying to get the kids to eat vegetables. We can revel in the fact that he has not forgotten or lost one of his children.

Terry and Harper, circa April 2009 ^^

It’s hard for me to describe my appreciation for him. His love and affection towards Ri and H.R. is unbelievable. I love watching his face light up when the girls play peek-a-boo with him, his tolerance when they tug his hair and try to pinch him, his willingness to run through the yard with them for hours.

I could not have picked a better husband and he in turn couldn’t be a better father than he is.

I love you, Terry! Happy 3rd Father’s Day :)


5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day :)

  1. Absolutely love to hear stories of Dad’s playing, teaching, just being with their kids. What an absolute gift they give their children. Keep up the great work!


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