manual labor & hitting a milestone!

Terry and I decided to take on our cracked back porch.  By “decided” I mean that the man who got a free replacement slab of limestone for the porch called to say that as soon as he had enough people, he was ready to put it in.

So our options were simple:

1. Wait until the guy arrives and ask him & his buddies to sledgehammer and remove the stone (which inevitably would happen during naptime) then have them slide the other slabs toward the door so that they don’t destroy the flowers, the limestone or their backs, or

2. Do it ourselves.

Terry got some tools & 2x4s.  He wedged the crowbar in, seperated the broken stone and I used a 2×4 to move the broken piece out.

I thought it was hard to get the broken pieces out, but Terry assured me it was the easiest part.  Fantastic.

^^Here’s the porch with the broken pieces gone.

We slid the rest of the slabs over to the door, which actually didn’t take that long!

I am so glad that we finished!  I had no idea that 600+ pound slabs of limestone could be moved so easily by just two people.


In other really GOOD news, if you follow me on twitter, you read that I have officially lost 80.1 pounds!  I can’t believe that I am finally at this milestone!  I have been counting calories, watching my carb intake & exercising 6 out of 7 days a week just to get to this point.  It has been such a crazy journey to get here & I know it isn’t over, but I am damn proud of myself.  30 pounds to go!

See how happy (and skinny!) I am :)


8 thoughts on “manual labor & hitting a milestone!

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss goal. That is amazing and you look great.

    I am not a good manual labor helper to my hubby. I whine way too much and am not strong at all.


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