Positive weight loss

I’ve been chatting with some of my twitter friends about weight loss, exercise and healthy eating.  It’s hard to explain what I have done to lose almost 90 pounds in 140 characters, but the questions kept coming, so I figured it would be easiest to blog about it!

1. I weigh myself every day.
Every weight loss expert tells you not to weigh yourself daily.  I, however, like to see how food and exercise affect weight fluctuation day-to-day.  I only count the weekly weigh-in, but the daily weigh-in helps keep me in check.

2. I count my calories, watch carbs, sugar & sodium intake.
Pretty self-explanatory.  I watch my calories carefully throughout the day so that I know that I’m not over-eating.  I keep my carbs, sugar & sodium in check by reading all the labels of pre-packaged foods.

3. I minimize major carbs.
I adore pasta, but I rarely eat it.  I also don’t eat rice or bread often.  I still eat carbs, but not as much of the high-carb foods that I like.  I substitute often- using spaghetti squash, mashing cauliflower instead of potatoes, small changes.

4. I use apps to keep track of food and exercise.
RunKeeper has been the perfect app to record my walks, runs & bike rides.  I only use the free version, but hopefully I’ll get the paid version one day!  It’s been wonderfully accurate & I love that I can save my activities!  I use LoseIt to keep track of my foods & weight.  It adjusts how many calories I need to eat based on how much I lose, which is fantastic!  It’s also nice that I can share info with my friends on there.

5. I don’t have a splurge day.
When I started changing my diet, I let myself splurge on Sundays.  I began to notice that my weight loss dropped a bit during the weight, but on my official Monday weigh-in, I barely lost anything over the week.  I switched the splurge day with the occasional treat- for example, yesterday, I was under my calorie intake by about 300, so I made strawberry shortcakes (about 250 calories).  It was a relatively healthy treat, but not over my normal calories.  As long as I can keep it in check, I can enjoy!

6. I don’t “diet”.
I am not “on a diet”.  All I am doing is changing my diet, what I normally eat.  Swapping out what I love for healthier choices is a simple change, but it’s not a diet, it’s just healthy & smart!

7. I make small goals.
Each time I make a goal for myself, I make it a small one.  I aim for 10 pounds of weight loss at a time.  When I run, I look like an idiot talking to myself, saying “just make it the the next tree!  Okay, now need to get to that shady spot- made it!  Now to the next tree!”  I shoot for obtainable things- while I know how much I need to lose or how far I need to run, it’s easier to focus on something smaller.

8. I listen to music that inspires me.
Every day, it’s a different song that motivates me to jog a little farther, run a bit harder, push for longer.  Some days, Metallica gets me through it, some days I need Requiem for a Dream.

I know there are more things, but I’m too tired to think of anymore :/ If you have any more questions, please ask :)


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