Winding down to the end of summer

As much as I hate to admit it, our beautiful summer weather is starting to fade away.  The humidity is lessening, which I love, but the sun creeps away at an earlier time each day.

Our garden is slowly downsizing. The potatoes, onions & garlic have all been harvested. The leaves of the tomato plants are starting to brown before falling off.  The butternut squash… well, okay, we still have tons of those & the plants have taken over most of the yard.

I’m not looking forward to cool weather because it means the diapers have to dry indoors.  Soon, the girls won’t be running through soft grass, but instead crunchy leaves, followed by wet snow.

Summer has never been my favorite season (it’s usually a bit too hot for me), but I am going to miss the mild, breezy days.

I have to wait eight-ish months to see my girls enjoying their table & chairs.

This happens at the end of every summer- I begin to long for the warm, lazy days and wish that the cool weather wasn’t moving in.  As soon as winter hits, I enjoy the snow & playing in it, but there is something about being able to sit outside, watching my girls sprint across the yard, giggling at their antics.

See you in a few months, summer :/


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