Blogging hiatus, frugality and Caroline the pack-rat

This blog post’s alternative title: “I have too much on my mind to decide on a simple title, so deal with a long one & then read my rambling post about basically nothing”.

If you’re one of my few regular blog readers, you’ll notice that my last post was at the beginning of the month. Since I started this blog, this is the longest I’ve gone without posting.

My lack of posts is not for lack of things to say, but rather lack of time or energy.  With two always-on-the-go toddlers, I’m lucky if I can sit down for a few minutes during the day without one of them hopping in my lap or begging to go down the slide.


It’s hard to believe that in a few months, Ariana is going to be turning 3!  Each birthday she has celebrated has been in a different home/ state so far.  This year the only difference is that we aren’t going to be in a new state.

Now that I think about it, Harper is the same way! Wonder where we’ll be when the girls turn 3 & 4?


Remember my going green post?  Terry & I are moving forward with some of our plans by investing in cloth napkins & wholesale wash cloths, which can be used as intended or in place of paper towels.  It fits in with our need to be frugal as well as being more environmentally conscious.

We have also made the switch from regular cleaning products to homemade cleaners, using vinegar, baking soda, etc.  I am also proud to say that I haven’t used the dryer in a month, except for towels & wash cloths.  This will change somewhat come winter, but I still plan to line-drying more of my things regularly.


We’re in the midst of planning a small move, just a few towns away.  I can’t wait, but all the planning is taking a lot out of me!  I decided to give away & sell a lot of our things so that we 1. have extra money and 2. have less crap to move.  Terry has been great about it all, carrying boxes up and down the stairs, and bonus: he’s even voluntarily given a lot of things away!

One of the toughest things about changing our lifestyle has been deciding what we NEED and what we WANT.  As we walked through the store the other day, I repeatedly pointed things out to Terry, saying “isn’t that cute?  Wouldn’t that be nice to have?” and his response was always, “yes, but do we need it?”

It’s also been difficult sifting through clothes & trinkets and having to decide what to keep.  Being a sentimental person makes it hard to part with stuff that I have good memories of, but given how many times we’ve moved, it’s getting a little easier.

The truly hard part?  Convincing myself that I don’t need to keep things I haven’t used or looked at in 6 months.  If I’ve dealt without it for all this time, why am I keeping it?


With that, I end my rambling.  Hoping to get into a rhythm again soon so I can be back to Twitter & blogging regularly. :)


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