Sign Language and a Movie Review!

When Ariana was small and unable to talk, I decided that I wanted to teach her some basic sign language so she could communicate more easily.  She quickly mastered a few of the basics- milk, more, eat, cup and please.  She used them all, even as she learned to saw the words.  As Ariana grew, I used signing less and less because I wanted to start helping her with words instead.

Since it worked so well with Ariana, I decided to try signing with Harper too.  I bought a Baby Einstein video called Baby Wordsworth, which was incredibly helpful to both girls (and me too!).  The girls don’t usually sit down to watch an entire video, but they adore this one.  They watch it 2 or 3 times on repeat without moving to something else!

The girls now know the signs for many things that we have around the house and the yard. Whenever we go outside, we have them point out the things they recognize and sign it.  I am very impressed with this movie & how entertaining it is as well as educational.

The movie does say it’s for 9 months and up, though both girls started watching it earlier than that & were fascinated by it!  Harper is starting to say the words more than the signs because she’s expanding her vocabulary but I think that as she gets bigger, she’ll go back to signing more :)

If you have young kids or someone to buy for, this movie is fantastic.  The girls give it two enthusiastic thumbs up :)

*Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of monetary compensation for this post. I purchased this DVD myself and chose to write an honest review without any incentives. The opinions written in the review are my own and were not influenced by any person connected with Baby Einstein or otherwise*


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