diaper stash and storage

I’ve had a few emails asking about our cloth diapers and storage, so instead of replying to each individually, I thought it would be fun to post the questions and answers.

What kind of diapers do you use and how quickly do you go through them?

For Harper, we exclusively use BumGenius pocket diapers, all bought from Fluff Envy. (Side note: I can’t say enough good things about Fluff Envy- great diaper deals & the diapers arrived really quickly!)

We currently have 18 diapers.  Harper goes through 6 to 8 per day, so I wash them every other day or every three days if I can.

How do you use your kind of cloth diapers?  How do you wash them?

I’m assuming that you’re asking how to stuff the diapers, so that’s how I’ll answer.  The pocket diapers are simple.  There are three parts: a cover, a heavy insert and a light insert.

On the heavy liner, there are snaps, so the size can be adjusted based on the child’s size.  The diaper covers have adjustable-size snaps as well, so the diaper can grow with the child.  Both girls (25 and 30 pounds) can fit in this diaper easily.

Ariana volunteered to show how the stuffing process goes :)

I stack my inserts thick-thin-thick-thin. I always use both inserts.

Next, I pick up both inserts and shove them into the pocket opening, making sure the inserts are fully inside and flat.

See how the inserts are in the pocket?

Fold the diaper over, stack, and voila! All done.

There are many different methods for washing and drying diapers. I’m liking my current washing choice best:  I always have a medium load of diapers and I wash it in a large load worth of water.

I first wash with a hot/cold rinse, no detergent (I have it agitate a little longer on the first load).  Second is a hot/cold rinse with about 1/4 cup detergent.  I finish with a third cold rinse.

If the diaper water looks like the above picture (dark and soapy), I often rinse once more.

What detergent do you use?  Does is have to be specifically made for cloth diapers?

If I had the money, I’d buy Rockin’ Green– I’ve only read rave reviews and would love to try it for myself!  For now, I use Free and Clear detergents-I bought several on sale and they work well.   You can use whatever works best for you and your budget, but you need to make sure of one little thing:

Do you use cloth wipes?  How do you store and use them?  Oh and are liners worth investing in?

I love our cloth wipes.  The ones on the right are from the Dollar Store, they come in packs of four (25 cents each!) and I think they work better than disposable wipes. The ones on the left were a gift- they are much bigger and work great for messy dirty diapers.

I had visions of folding my cloth wipes and using an old wipes container so I could individually use the wipes.  I tried it once and it was too much work.  The folding method seemed much easier.

My wipes are folded so I can easily grab the edge of one (or a few!) to use.

I bought a small spray bottle from the Dollar Tree.  I fill it with water and spray each wipe as needed.

As for liners, I had a few nice, professionally made fleece liners from my first cloth stash.  I went to the store, bought a yard of fleece, then used the professional liners as a pattern & cut and sewed my own liners.

I do not use flushable liners.  I had heard that they are useful when it comes to diapers, but when I used them with Ariana, they didn’t work well for me- they ended up being more work.  Plus, they cost $7 for 100 of them- not very frugal!

Do you dry your diapers in the dryer?

I wish I could say no, but sadly, when I started this process, I was oblivious and put everything in the dryer :/ I have since learned.  I dry the covers, wash cloths and liners on a wooden clothes rack in the basement.  If I could go back, I wouldn’t have ever put the covers in the dryer!

If it’s sunny, I hang the diaper inserts out on the clothesline, if not, I hang them on the clothes rack as well.  If I have to go several washings without hanging the inserts outside, I will toss them into the dryer on the fluff air setting for 10 minutes so they are as stiff.

I hope I fully answered all the questions :)  As always, email me with anything and I’m happy to answer!


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