My mom has always been good about hanging on to things that could one day mean something to her kids or possibly her grandkids. One of my favorite toys was my baby doll cradle. When my parents came to visit last, my mom brought the cradle for Ariana and Harper to use.

They adore it. Most of the time (like now), it’s full of blankets. It’s actually rare that there is a baby doll in there, even though the girls have at least a dozen!

This cradle is 10-15 years old and it was definitely built to last!

It even stood up to me doodling on it many years ago. Ariana saw my “drawing” and launched into a long narrative about what is going on in the picture :)

Do you have favorite childhood memories? I’d love to hear them!


4 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. My mom was so good about saving that kind of stuff. I have the blanket I came home from the hospital in (and brought my son home in), dolls my great-grandma homemade for me, almost all my childhood books. I love watching my kids enjoy the same things I did when I was little.


    1. That’s awesome! I still have my baby blanket (Terry does too), but we never thought of the sentimental value of bring either girl home in them. I wish we had! I can’t wait to share a lot of the things my mom has held onto with the girls :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. I’m a lot older than you are with my parents now gone and my children grown. I also have a lot of “stuff” that I shouldn’t be holding on to because it takes up so much space and requires dusting/cleaning. But they (whatever the stuff is) belonged to my grandmother, mom, dad, or were made by the kids, etc. and I have a hard time letting go.

    That said, I can tell you now that the best memories – childhood and adult, come from the time that was given to me by my loved ones. Special days out, activities together, vacations etc. I have those memories held in my heart from my childhood as well as from time with my children. I do have pictures, which are my pride and joy. I only wish we had digital back then. Cherish the times you spend together no matter how simple the activity is.

    Oh an example or two? My dad used to take me on his investigations into family histories at cemetaries and town halls for records for his work. We spent many hours in the car and walking around.
    My kids and I used to have days where they would direct me in my drive at each intersection for a day out exploring. We’d stop at a store for a junk food meal….they’d pick what they wanted and we’d eat at a lake, roadside stop, in the woods, or whatever. (We ate pretty heatlhy normally and this was only once or twice a year.)
    Another….kids baking a cake with my dad for a scout event, while I videotaped. Just time spent…..


    1. Thanks so much for sharing! We are lucky that we’ve learned early about the importance of cherishing our memories. And being in the ‘digital age’, I’ve gotten tons of pictures and videos of the girls to aid in the memory preservation.

      Oh and I’m a pack rat- I hang on to just about everything sentimental! It’s the miscellaneous stuff that I don’t need that I have to learn to part with to make room for the stuff I love :)


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