Mmm <3

When I stopped in to one of my favorite stores to pick up some local raw honey today, I was thrilled to find that the same farm I buy honey from had fresh honeycomb for sale as well!  I picked some up, since Terry has wanted to try it.

This stuff is delicious.  Raw honey in its purest form.  Fantastic. The honeycomb itself wasn’t overly chewy, which made me happy.

(I promise, my hands were clean! :)

It’s a sweet, quick snack, even if it’s messy.

Have you ever tried fresh honeycomb?


5 thoughts on “honeycomb

  1. ~oh yummy!
    ~would it be dangerous if my little one swallowed the wax?
    ~they have it at my local farmer’s market when it’s open so I am going to indulge:0)


    1. I honestly don’t know if it’s dangerous! I’ve never let my girls try it, since I don’t know that they’d appreciate the texture. I’ll have to do a little research on that :)


  2. Mmmm I love honey! I have recently become hooked on raw honey! I just got some with the honeycomb in it and can’t wait to try it


    1. Raw honey is one of my new favorite things :) The girls and I are having a little each day, hoping to combat allergies this spring (not to mention we L-O-V-E it!)


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