cleaning, with children

It’s hard to imagine my life without two rambunctious little girls bouncing around my living room, hiding in my bed or following me into the bathroom.  Since I stay at home with them, it’s up to me to make sure that all the cooking and cleaning gets done during the day.

I’ve read blog posts from frazzled mothers who struggle to “get it all done”.  I’m lucky, since I only have two children and we live in a very small place, but even with less to clean than other people, I still have to do it with giggling toddlers hanging onto my legs.

Since the girls have a basic routine throughout the day, I simply fit my cleaning in around meals, naps, crafts and playtime.  They like to go with me in whatever room I’m cleaning/ working in, but they are pretty good about staying out of the way!

Here is my hour-a-day way to keep our home clean:

When the girls get up in the morning, they play quietly in their room or my room while I make the beds.  They pick out clothes while I put away Harper’s clean diaper laundry.  Ariana picks out a puzzle or a book for the two of them while I make breakfast.  After they eat, I clean the dishes, the kitchen counters and stove top (if needed) while the girls help me by wiping down their table and chairs.

When the dishes are done, the girls sit on the couch while I vacuum the living room.  They sit on their beds (or mine) while I vacuum the bedrooms.

Without fail, Harper asks to use the potty mid-morning every day.  While she sits, I wipe the sink, counter and mirror.  When she’s done, I wipe the bathroom floor if it needs it.

Before every meal, nap and bedtime, the girls clean up all of their toys that are out.  Since we don’t have a lot of extra space, it helps to keep everything organized as well as not having toys underfoot all day.

How do you keep up with cleaning?


5 thoughts on “cleaning, with children

  1. Impressive! Micah (3) and Kenan (6) clean their rooms before bed. In the mornings they all help with getting breakfast. Hannah (13), and Timmy (10) work on packing their own lunches. Everyone gets dressed themselves (except Micah). During the day I involve Micah in my cleaning which I do as needed. I don’t worry about the beds. After dinner is where everyone pitches in. Micah hasn’t helped quite yet but when our kitchen is finished that will change. Hannah and Timmy alternate between clearing the table and loading the dishwasher. They sweep after dinner, wash table, counters, take out garbage and recycling.


  2. That sounds like a pretty good way to involve them! My girls sometimes help in the kitchen, but it’s tough since our kitchen is small and most things are stored or put out of reach. They love to help carry plates to the kitchen, at least!

    I only make beds because the girls’ beds have blankets rather than sheets, so most of my bed-making is folding :)


  3. What a good post! I am currently struggling to find some sort of rhythm with my almost 2 year old, I guess we need to go out less and stay home and do some cleaning together more! She currently helps me with dusting, wiping counters and floor, cooking (or rather I help her to help me with cooking) and taking laundry to the washing machine. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


    1. Rhythm is hard to come by in our house! My husband usually has the car for work, meaning I don’t have the opportunity to leave besides on foot, so the girls and I find more time to gradually do things together. You said it perfectly- “I help her help me with cooking”!! That rings so true :)


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